Welcome Fall with these 5 Easy Hairstyles!

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Until next year summer! Now that fall is here it’s time to focus on the new hair that compliments your spicy pumpkin latte, please! The windy days are emerging, but we can create the perfect hairstyle to go with the wind and still look great. Here are some fun hair ideas.





Before to some hairstyles let’s just say just because its Fall, you shouldn’t settle with typical shades of browns and coppers but, venture into some interesting fun colors such as an unexpected lavender.



Go With the Flow


If you are more of a laid back person who prefers to let the wind take your hair then effortless waves might be just for you. It also avoids destroying any perfect hairstyle. You can clip the side with some bobby pins to give it some flair.


Pumpkin Spice


If you are a lover of pumpkin spice then this vibrant color might a fun color to try this season. Just when you thought colors will begin to cool down, this orange hue is flattering for fall.



Elegant Bun


Say hello to the windy days with this cute hairstyle that makes it perfect for any occasion. Simply leave out some hair from the front and create a wave with your iron. Leaving the rest up in a bun.



Cinnamon Swirls


Just because summer is over doesn’t mean highlights are out of the picture. This Cinnamon swirl hair is done by combining warm honey tones and brown sugary shades.



Base Ball Cap


While the cap can serve as a statement of fashion it also serves as a way of keeping your hair tamed and the sun out of your face. Wearing a cap can be not just stylish but also a way of keeping your hair protected from the dryer season.





And if you’re feeling a bit creative you can add flower crowns to spice up your look.


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