Salon VS Drugstore Hair Dye

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At least one time in your life you went on and bought a hair color at your local drug store. Admit it we all have done it. We bought the colors because we thought how nice it look on the box hair model or simply because we didn’t want to go to a salon and pay a hefty amount for something you “can do at home”, But don’t be fooled by the picture and the convenience. Here are some tips and guidance to why you should avoid drug store colors.




Pigment Colors


Everyone has different pigments of colors on their hair. So the model in the box may have a lighter pigment color than your hair color giving you different results than the model.




One Color Doesn’t Fit All


Box colors are created to potentially fit a range of different type of hair shades but the results are not guaranteed. Many hairstylist use a small percent of developer to reach the color the client desires. Box colors reach up to 12% of developer to insure color is delivered to your hair which is a high percentage that causes damage.




Customize for You


Just like shopping at a store the same dress that looks great on your friend might not look great on you. The right formula depends in several factors such as your skin tone, hair pigment, the hair porosity and gray hair.




Demi, Semi and Permanent


The semi and demi colors are meant to wash out after a couple of shampoos. In the world of box it’s not always true. The colors that claim to wash out will still have a hint of color in your hair.




Pastel Colors In a Box


Some boxes claim to turn your hair to pastel color with one application. We talked about one color does not fit all how is it even possible to achieve those nice pastel colors? However, depending on your hair porosity, you may not be able to achieve the desired pastel with just one application.




Application Techniques


Just leave it to the professionals. Admit it we all been there applying hair color on our own just to later find we missed some areas leaving our hair color looking patchy.




Overlapping Hair Color


We intend to overlap the hair color when applying it on our own which creates more damaged to the hair by repeatedly passing it on the same area.




Save the hair trouble and get your hair done professionally because that $7 box color will only cost you a hair correction of $300.


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