Testimonials from Stylists and Customers




From the Stylists


“I was very surprised with the results. My model’s hair was wavy, and it came out so straight and smooth. I was very happy with the result of straight hair with no damage on her hair. The hair feels much better than before we started.”

– Jaylene (Stylist) Riverside, CA



“I like the Yuko Hair Straightening System. I’ve used all other hair straightening products, but I prefer using Yuko on my clients for straightening because the hair comes out healthier and straighter.” – Mary Louise (Stylist) Boston, MA



“Magical! Yuko Hair Straightening yields beautiful hair, it repairs damaged hair. I love it!”

– Chen Levi (Stylist) New York, NY



“I love it, and all my clients do. It lasts longer than other hair straightening products on the market. I’ve been doing Yuko for almost 4 years. It leaves the hair soft. I love it. I’ll never change to a different hair straightening system.”

– Georgia (Stylist) Las Vegas, NV




“I love the results! I really enjoy the product. It’s brilliant! I’m very happy with it!”

– Jonathan Post (Stylist) Phoenix, AZ



“The results are beautiful! It’s a great hair straightening product!”

– Sol (Stylist) Dallas, TX





From Clients



“I love the YUKO Straightening system! Now, I enjoy having beautiful straight hair, plus my hair is so much healthier and shinier.”

– Maribelle (client) Sacramento, CA



“I am very happy with the result of YUKO Hair Straightening. I will definitely do it again and again and again!!”

– Marlene (client) Redlands, CA



“The best experience ever using this product. Hair feels soft and shiny after the treatment. Easy to manage and blow dry.”

– Diana (client) La Crescenta, CA




GRICELDA Hair model for Yuko Academy

“I always love the feel and shine of my hair after Yuko. Yuko makes my life so much easier!”




VICTORIA Hair model for Yuko Academy

“I am devoted to Yuko. I wouldn’t trust my hair to any other system. Each time I walk out of the salon, I feel like I’m in one of those hair commercials, hair bouncy, shiny, and heads turning!”





PATRICIA Hair model for Yuko Academy

“Yuko is the best product! I have gotten the hair straightening done five times. My hair is straight, shiny and healthy.”





MICHELLE Hair model for Yuko Academy

“I love the results. Smooth, straight, and healthy-looking hair.”