Repairing Damaged Hair

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We often talk about preventing damage, but what do you do if your hair is already damaged? While there is countless products out there that claim on repairing your hair, the truth is no product will repair your damaged hair overnight. Whether you damaged your hair by attempting to color your own hair at home, over used hot tools or mistreating the hair in many other forms, we can show you some ways of repairing your hair back to healthy!



Repair Treatment by YUKO


Hair mask like Repair Treatment by YUKO make a significant change to your hair for the better. It penetrates deep into your hair cuticle and help repair the hair beneath the surface. The treatment will deliver moisture to your highly damaged hair.

How to use: Apply a dime amount into palm and apply from the mid-shaft all the way to the ends.









ANTI-FRIZZ BY YUKO® Leave In Conditioner


Since most damaged hair is already thin and fragile, most Leave in conditioners such as ANTI-FRIZZ BY YUKO® Leave In Conditioner help prevent split ends from happening since it de tangles and revitalizes the hair.

How to Use: After washing hair, spray a generous amount all over your hair. Then comb through.













If you haven’t tried YUKO serums yet, now is the time. Not only it add shine to your hair but smoothes and seals moisture into your hair.

How to use: For best results apply a small dime size on your palm and then run your fingers through the ends of your hair.












Leave it Alone!


We know it can get hard to avoid using any hot tools, but try other alternatives such as creating a new hairstyle or some fun braids for the summer.













Get a Treatment

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Don’t feel like products are working for you? Visit your stylist. Your hair will need a deep conditioning treatment that will deliver the proteins your hair needs to return to its natural stage. Ask your stylist about Deep Conditioning Treatment by YUKO.











Don’t Add Stress


Be as gentle as possible when brushing and styling your hair avoid all products that contain alcohol.













Hair Cut


Some hair damaged can be to the point of no return. We hope your hair is not at this point, but not even the best hair product will make your hair come back to its normal stage so the best thing would be to cut your damaged areas.









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