Yesterday, I spent all day at the salon getting my hair done. Yep, I finally spent the time, and the money, to get my hair permanently straightened. If you don’t know, I am a “mixed chick,” half Hawaiian-half Black, and my hair has been difficult to manage my entire life. I’ve had relaxers, perms, presses, and other various methods of hair torture, all in an effort to get my hair to behave. I’ve had mild success with the methods mentioned above, but after a few months time, I found that my hair eventually ended up dry, damaged, and again, really difficult to manage and maintain.


I’ve received a lot of super nice responses lately about my hair – thanks so much guys! …but I must admit, I’m guilty of a lot of hair don’t‘s like sleeping with it in a pony tail (sometimes), brushing/combing it when it’s wet and fragile, constantly heat styling it at the highest temperature my tools will allow me to, etc. Because of these bad habits, and the simple fact that my hair is long, I’m constantly plagued by split ends.....


TSUYA PATA is both a styling and a conditioning product, and after using it myself I have to say it resulted in shiny, shiny hair! It is a blended conditioning spray with collagen and Hydrolyzed silk to add gloss, shine and moisture to the hair. This Japanese made product smoothes hair with split ends and tangles.....


It's not often that we at Pink Sith talk about hair care products. We are all familiar with Joeybunny and her amazingly curly hair that is the envy of most people (including me) around the world. I have...well...I have confused hair. My hair is straight in places, curly in others, wavy and frizzy. It is a mousy ash blonde leaning more towards brown and fairly fine. I have a fair amount of hair and sometimes it takes a long time for it to dry.....


Yuko is the original Japanese Hair Straightening company in the United States. The patented revolutionary technology straightens hair without compromising the hair’s health or vibrance.


I recently tried out YUKO Repair Through. Despite my best efforts, by this time of year my hair is almost always fried and in need of help. YUKO Repair Through is a leave-in conditioner that “deeply revitalizes, smoothens, and detangles the hair before styling, preventing split ends and breakage.”