Oily Hair 101



We love our hair, it’s what identify us. We color it, deep condition it, and style it to keep it looking great so there’s nothing more annoying than taking a nice cleansing shower, only to wake up the following day to oily hair. Look no further, we’ll walk you through getting rid of oily and greasy hair.

Origin of Oily Hair


So where does all the oil come from? They come from our glands that are in our skin that help lubricate oil. The good news is that you have healthy glands and the only bad news is well means you have more oily hair which can be difficult to deal with.

How many times do you wash?


Every day? Well you will be shocked to know that someone with oily hair shouldn’t wash their hair everyday. It sounds like a reasonable thing to do, however, washing your hair everyday or even other day will only produce more oil. It’s best to wash 2 to 3 times per week with warm water then running it with cold water towards the end.



Your conditioner can be provoking more oil if not applied properly. Pour a dime size of Bella Treatment into your hair hand and apply from the midshaft all the way to the ends. Avoid applying on scalp since conditioner will only create oily scalp.

Don’t touch


Twirling and running your fingers through your hair no matter how many times you wash your hands will bring dirt and your oil to your hair. To avoid temptation is best to style your hair up in a bun or a stylish ponytail.


Dry Shampoo

If you have never heard of dry shampoo you been missing out. Dry shampoo help absorb your oils from your hair to keep it looking fresh between washes. Dry shampoos are also great for texturing and adding volume to your roots.

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