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Now that the New Year is finally here, it is time to start off fresh. Spring will be here before you know it and if your goal this year is to have longer locks then achieving longer, stronger hair can be done with the proper habits and products. Using shampoo and conditioner is what we are accustomed to, but if your hair is still tangled, frizzy, and dry or if the conditioner you use is weighting down your fine hair, then you need other alternatives such as a Leave In Conditioner.

As we know conditioners are use in the shower, but Leave In Conditioners are applied afterwards and are left in your hair until the next wash. The great thing about Leave in conditioner is that they help with numerous things such as detangling, frizz, and helps you hold moisture, leaving the hair super fabulous.



 Frizz Control Conditioning Spray



Frizz Control Conditioning Spray keeps your hair soft and frizz free while keeping it under control. The best part is it smells like tropical paradise!







How to Use

We know this isn’t rocket science, however; spraying it on the correct areas and the proper amount is important. Right after towel drying your hair, spray the Frizz Control Conditioning Spray through your entire hair. Focus mainly from the midshaft all the way to the ends, then detangle with a large tooth comb. Blow-dry the hair afterwards to stimulate those heat activated ingredients which is the key to making your hair soft.






 Frizz Control Serum



For a lovely shine that also keeps your locks looking healthy and feeling soft use the Frizz Control Serum.









How to Use

Even though it is not greasy it is best to only apply from the midshaft to the ends to avoid any build up. Pour a small dime size into your palm and run your fingers through your hair.







Hopefully you will enjoy these products as much as we do!

Tell us what products do you use the most after washing your hair? :)


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