Heatless Waves

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We love to curl our hair, but without any heat damage. Many hot tools require a lot of time and effort. Many of us do not have the skills to achieve the perfect loose waves. If you are a busy mom, student or simply want to make your morning routines much easier, this helpful fun and easy tip will make you look as if you spend some time on achieving the look without any effort. All you need is a hair bun band or a clean sock and a small amount of texturizing spray.




What you need


To get heatless waves you will need only a, a hair band, 2 bobby pins, hair doughnut band and a texturizing spray. A sock is a great alternative if you do not own a Hair Bun.







Put your hair in a high ponytail (if you are going to sleep it’s best to make it higher to avoid sleeping uncomfortably). Slide the hair bun inside the ponytail just like the picture above.













Once you have your pony tail up, divide the ponytail into two sections.











Starting with one section of your hair, begin to spray your favorite texturizing spray. This will help keep your hair in place, especially when doing this look to achieve in a few minutes.








Twist each small sections and roll it in each individually into the bun.







Your bun should end up like this. If you have short hair you can also use bobbi pins to secure the strands.










You can either do this before going to sleep, which will give you even better results. You or wait for 45 min or while you do your makeup for easy heatless waves.




Then you’re done!

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