Halloween Hair Inspirations



Feeling inspired this Halloween? Why not try some these most ionic women hairstyles for Halloween from DC theme to a little bit of history. Halloween is all about having fun and these hairstyles are sure to inspire many!




Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo is popular to copy in Halloween for her famous accessories and hairstyle which we often see in her portraits. Beyoncé has recreated the look before and she totally knew how to represent Frida. Begin by parting the hair in to two sections. With a rubber band tie both pigtails, then fold the hair lace in half underneath the hair and then begin to braid the hair. Make sure the lace is visible at all times while doing the braids then secure with a rubber band. Bring both braids up and secure the bottom with bobby pins. Incorporate your flowers with a headband or by stinking them in your hair.

Credit by Megan Nicolay





Flapper Girl

If you are in the mood for a more glamourous look try being a flapper girl. In order to pull off this hairstyle you will need a “Daisy Buchanan “accessory to seal in the look. If you do not have short hair do not worry this look can be customized to your hair length. For hair passing the shoulder length begin by simply using a 1 inch curling wand and clip your hair. Let the curls cool down for about 10 min then release from the clips. Gently with a board bristle brush the hair. Gather all of the hair inside your hair and secure with bobby pins. Then to finish the look add your Daisy Buchanan.





Harley Quinn

We couldn’t forget the iconic Harley Quinn which we most likely see a lot this Halloween. Don’t be discourage with her hairstyle if you do not have blonde hair here are some fun ways to achieve those hair colors with things you might already have.

1. Chalk: Just simply wet half of your chalk and begin rubbing it on the sections of your hair that you desire.

2. Kool-Aid: This is also a great alternative to have fun with different colors just empty the color you desire in warm water and let your hair soak in it for 30 min.

3. Color Spray: There is numerous color sprays in the market stop by your local hair store and snatch a pink and blue for this fun do!

Credit by: Ana Lídia Lopes




Have a fun and spooky Halloween this year!


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