Festive Hairstyles

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Music festivals are happening all through the spring and summer and no better way than to experience with fun edgy hairstyles. It’s the perfect time to try those Instagram fun braids or those glitter root styles. If you are attending Coachella this year or any other music festival. Here are some awesome ideas that might just have you end up in the next Coachella fashion blog!




Throw in some glitter

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We’ve see this trend for a while now, however; this is the time to get all festive and creative. This glitter root trend not only hides your new roots, but it adds a fun touch to any hairstyle. To get this look, mix gel with your choice of glitter and apply with an application brush. To spice things up, try a zigzag part and some glitter with shapes.



Double space buns


You can never go wrong with space buns since there is many ways to recreate them. You can wear two buns with dutch braids, a half bun, zigzag part, or two small buns on top.



Warrior Princess Braid


You’re not going into any type of battle, however; these are just simply perfect for the occasion. This hairstyle is all about mixing braids. Whether is fishtails braid, cornrow braids or French braids, the list goes on. You can accessories these by adding some metal rings or beads to spice things up.



Boho Fish Tails


If you are in a rush to see your favorite DJ, Boho braids are your way to go. They are simple to create and edgy with some messy and careless look. Top this look off with a leather band or add some flowers in between. The awesome thing about braids is that, sleeping with them will give you beach waves the next day.



Beach Waves

boho waves

One can never go wrong with bohemian inspired waves that are just the right amount of messy. These waves look great on long hair, out if you do not have long hair then don’t worry, just clip on some hair extensions.




We hoped to have inspired you!

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