DIY Rose Water

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Roses Hair

With spring finally here all types of flowers are blooming and what better way than to hydrate your hair with some Rose water. Rosewater is known as “Gulab Jal” it is simply a blend of fresh rose petals and fresh water. Rose water is natural and gentle that helps soothe irritated skin and scalp. It naturally conditions and moisturizes the hair to stabilize your natural PH balance. Here are more helpful tips of what it benefits and how to use.




What you need:


  • 1 Rose cup
  • 2 Cups of filtered water

Unfortunately not all roses are suitable for hair and this typically wouldn’t matter if you had them as a home décor, however; for skin and hair purposes choose roses that are free from chemicals and pesticides. Farmer markets or a florist should help you choose the best roses.


How to Prepare:

Rose in water

Put the rose petals into a glass bowl. Boil two cups of filtered water and pour water over rose petals. Cover and let it sit for 30 min. Once it cooled down you can remove the petals and transfer the water into a clean spray bottle.




The Benefits!

Controls your hair oil


Rose Water PH is very similar to your hair PH, which helps to reduce the oils and restore shine of your hair.


Frizzy Hair?

frizzy hair

Dry scalp leads to dry hair, to eliminate frizz you can also apply directly to the scalp it will soothe and moisturize all at once.




At the end of your shampooing rinse with a cup of rose water. Your hair will be shiny, soft and leave a pleasant sweet smell.


Repairs Damage


There is many ways in which our hair gets damaged, from chemicals, heat, not brushing properly, air drying and much more. Rose water not only helps repair but with a little help of some Vitamin E it can reverse the damage.


The list goes on….


Rose water is great for numerous things. As we mentioned rose water is great tool to promote hair growth, improving strength and elasticity, reducing dandruff, promotes blood flow and many other wonderful things, try it you will love it!





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