Bridal Hair Tips



Are you planning a wedding soon? With all the things that need to be done, you might have forgotten about what hairstyle you will choose. Depending on your gown and veil you might want something classy, unique or simple. If you aren’t sure what look to go for here are some tips and ideas to make your special day extra unforgettable.




Enhance your beauty


When looking for images to show your stylist, try and find ones that you know you will feel comfortable. If you know you don’t dig the up-do hairstyles and rather have your hair flowing then find hairstyles that are more your style most importantly keep your hair in good condition especially during this time since damaged hair is harder to style.



Special Stylists


If your go to hairstylist specializes in haircut and color mainly, it’s best to seek a stylist who focuses in creating up-do’s for wedding occasions. The best way to find a good wedding hairstylist is to ask friends who recently got married or ask other stylist.



Try, Try, Try!


Don’t settle for one look. Ask your stylist to couple of different styles so that you can truly see what hairstyle best suits you. The best thing to do is to bring a friend along, who can help you decide.



Avoid Unnecessary Hair


A few flirty strands around your face can look romantic as long as there are to a minimal and they are not too long. Too many strands can cast unflattering shadows and overdue the style.



Have Fun


As your stylist to throw in some hair accessories such as pearls or small flowers to add a touch of fun and beauty to your hairdo.



Wear Loose Clothes

joel-overbeck-100150 (1)

Wear a loose or button up shirt for the day. That way, when you change into your wedding dress, there is no pulling of shirts over your finished hairdo.


Hope these tips will make your magical day even more magical ♥



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