Hair Styles for NYE 2016

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    Ah… New Year’s Eve the time to start fresh and new! Whether you are attending the hottest party or celebrating with family and friends you want to make sure to welcome the New Year looking your best. If … Continued

DIY Hair Accessory Gifts

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  Not sure what to buy your best friend or loved one? Not to worry! Now that the holidays are really kicking in and you’re running around on the search for the perfect gift, but Why not make your own … Continued

Blow Yourself Away!

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  Ever wanted to have bouncy hair like all the Victoria Secret Angel’s. Don’t we all? You could be walking the catwalk every day and all you need is a blow-dryer, a round brush, hair clips and some patience. These … Continued

Thanksgiving Quick Hair Dos

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    Thanksgiving week is always the busiest with preparing the turkey, running to the store to get your last minute ingredients, and getting ready for family gatherings. We know how holidays can get but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t … Continued

Fall Hair!

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    Fall Is Here!   As the weather cools down brunette’s tones heat up! If you are looking to make a change with your hair this fall we got the colors for this season. Bolder colors such as a … Continued


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  It’s October, the time to carve pumpkins and dress up like the monster! There are so many makeup tutorials on Halloween. That’s why we have decided to show you some of the most popular and classic Halloween hairstyles! If … Continued

Keep The Color You Love

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    Who doesn’t enjoy going to the hair salon for a new hair color? Whether it’s a natural or a funky color you want to make sure you keep it just the way it looks after the hair salon. … Continued

Caring for your hair extensions

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      Hair is very delicate. Even the simplest things like being in the sun for too long can cause damage to the hair. We do our best to keep up with our natural hair and the same should … Continued

Humidity Is No Joke!

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We all love summer but no matter what type of hair you have whether it’s straight or curly, living in a tropical place where it’s moist and hot can cause mosquito bites, weird suntans and the worst of them all … Continued

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