Salon VS Drugstore Hair Dye

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At least one time in your life you went on and bought a hair color at your local drug store. Admit it we all have done it. We bought the colors because we thought how nice it look on the box … Continued

Repairing Damaged Hair

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We often talk about preventing damage, but what do you do if your hair is already damaged? While there is countless products out there that claim on repairing your hair, the truth is no product will repair your damaged hair … Continued

What to Know About Bleaching Hair

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  With all the hot trends coming out and summer just a couple weeks away, you might be thinking of a new hair color maybe that grey color you been wanting to try out or that’s pretty lavender. You see … Continued

Good Hair Habits

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We all dream of having beautiful healthy hair that is soft and shiny. Day by day we slowly mistreat our hair with hot tools and by not applying the proper products. It is important that you always remember that your … Continued

Leave In Conditioners 101

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Why Leave In Conditioners are Important For many people using leave in conditioners may seem like an extra step. Leave in conditioners can sound pointless since you may be already using a good quality shampoo and conditioner, but it’s been … Continued

Hairstyles for Working Out

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  Cute Hairstyles when working out Working out can be a sweaty sticky mess, but that shouldn’t stop you from looking your best. No matter how many bobby pins you use, how many twist you give your hair, it just … Continued

How to clean your blowdryer

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  What would we do without our blow-dryers? Taking care of hair appliances is important considering how much we pay for the things we use daily. If you have never cleaned your blow-dryer now is the time. So if you’re … Continued

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